Is hair in food brings a health risk?

Hair in the food gives you a very disgusting feeling and makes us feel that the food is not hygienic. In the situation, when the food is paired with the hair, the result of the food is very unpleasing and it ends up very harmful and makes us feel bad. Though the human hair is made up of protein called keratin, which also makes our fingernails and which involves in the growth of the internal organ and the outer layer of the skin. This keratin contains amino acid called L – cysteine that is being used in the bread and doughs.

food is not hygienic

Is there any problem eating food with hair?

As keratin, which makes up the hair is chemically inactive; there will not be any digestive problems will takes place by eating the food, which has been in contact with the hair. Though the hair is a natural thing in our body, we no need to fear that the hair in food brings a health risk. But under most of the circumstances, when the hair gets in contact with any hazardous substances like conditioner, shampoo, dyes, sprays and gels then at that time we should think that hair in food safe or unsafe. Swallowing the hair may puncture the mucous membrane, which may cause some biological harm to the body. As the hair contains some bacteria, it will cause sole digestive problems.

Though hairs will not cause any severe problems, people seldom suffer if they find their food being in contact with the hair. In that case just take the hair out from the food and throw it away but do not waste the entire food just because of that single hair present in the food. Though hairs do expose to chemicals, it does not harm your body and will not cause any medical issues to the person.