What to do if a customer finds hair in food?

People who are working in a food industry and dealing with the customers generally get the complaints from customers in one or another point in their career. It doesn’t matter whether you work behind the counter, wait on the tables, manage a large establishment or cook the food the occasional customer complaints is bound to raise.

Whether it is something as simple as getting the service complaint at a high end gourmet restaurant or wrong drink at a fast food restaurant it is your responsibility to handle the complaints of the customer by analyzing the difference between the mistakes. Few things will ruin a meal as customer finds hair in food where this is an unsanitary accident that can absolutely disgust the patrons and cause them to question the overall quality of the hotel or restaurant food items.

Things which you need to do when customer complaints about hair in food

Knowing how to handle this situation is an important thing of running a good establishment. As a first thing listen to the customers concern, be calm and do whatever you can to fix the issue immediately. Also, train your employees to not make excuses or assign blame but just work responsive in cooking foods. The following are some of the things which you need to follow to handle a complaint of hair in the food so that you can easily get rid from the problem that arises in your restaurant and they are given the customer your full attention when he/she speaking with you.

Offer a sincere apology to customer for the happened mistake. Find the best solution to rectify the problem. Take the preventive measures against the customer complaint to avoid the same mistake happening in future.

customer complaints

Once if you get the complaint from your customer regarding the presence of hair in the food in which some customers requires different things to feel satisfied where some will be happy when you ask for apologize and replacement while others will be requiring to have the free meal.

In order to save the reputation of your restaurant and for building the goodwill between you and customer it is necessary to provide the free meal when there is a complaint by customer due to the presence of hair in food items.

This is found to be the best idea to save the reputation and brand name of your restaurant in the market.