Top 5 simple hairstyles for cooks

The styling of hair is considered as personal grooming and the hairstyles and looks influences and gives a confident look to the person. If you are working in the kitchen, it does not mean that you no need to style your hair. You can do cute hairstyles for cooking.

There are many types of hairstyles available and you can choose the simple hairstyle for cooks, which are listed below:

  • The twisted chignon
  • Braided up-do
  • The top knot
  • The high pony
  • The low chignon

The twisted chignon – The hair in the kitchen may get pulled away from the face, still all the chefs loves to style their hair to make them feel confident of their work. So this twisted chignon can be done by gathering all your hair and separate it into two sections. Then weave those two sections together and secure it with the french bobby pins.

Braided up-do –take the deep side of your hair part and do french braid in it. Wrap the remaining hair around and tuck both together with the pins. This works for the hairstyles of the chef with long hair.

The top knot – this is the easiest hairstyle for all the persons because you can gather all your hair and can tie it with a band at the top of your head. There will not be any disturbance during your work even when the wind blows very fast. At last you can mist it with the hair spray and finish your style to look more amazing.

kitchenThe high pony –the high pony makes you look more attractive and great. Gather all your hair and with the help of an elastic band, tie it at the top of the crown and secure it with the bobby pins. This really makes you feel like looking more stylish in the kitchen and gives you an extra beauty.

The low chignon – this type can be done by gathering all your hair together and make it loosely towards the nape of the neck and tie it with an elastic band. Though it is one of the suggested and good hairstyle for the chef or the person who works inside the kitchen, it will give you an aged look. So this style will not be suitable for the young girls.

But than all the hairstyles, you must make sure that you wear a kitchen hat while you are working in the restaurant.