How to deal with the excess oily hair?

Oily hair is the main source of frustration for the youngsters including both men and women. This generation people are thinking that the oily hair makes them feel ugly and not attractive. Though the greasy hair makes them look neglected sometimes, it is the result of natural process which should be done regularly for a good and a healthy hair.

Reasons for oily hair and scalp:

The over activeness of the sebaceous glands is the main reason for the greasy hair because they produce too much sebum. Although the sebum makes the hair healthy and smooth, it also makes them look greasy and oily. An excessive oily hair is considered as a nuisance as it leads to dandruff problem and it is very tough to deal with excess oily hair. Some of the reasons that cause oily hairs are listed below:

  • Heredity problems
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Medications
  • Improper hair care

hair looks silky

The hormonal fluctuations, changing of ten seasons, mental stress, changing shampoos and the conditioners often leads to get a greasy and oily hair. For this, first you should find the reason behind getting the oily hair and should undergo treatment for that. In most severe cases, the prescription of the dermatologist is needed to help in regulating the sebaceous gland secretions.

Natural oily hair remedies

You should take care of greasy hair by undergoing correct treatment and make it look more silky and bouncy. The best remedies for the oily scalp can be found in your kitchen.

Apple cider vinegar helps in maintaining and restoring your scalp’s pH balance, which controls the oil production.

Tea tree oils, which contain natural anti-fungal properties, are used to clean the scalp and give a fresh and a silky look to your hair.

Adding vitamin B rich foods in your diet helps in moderating the sebum production in your scalp and reduces the oiliness and greasiness in your hair. Consuming of foods like green leaves, seaweed and pulses, vegetables and fruits helps in growing of the hair and improves its growth.

Use a dry shampoo and conditioner for an oily hair to make it look less oily than before. If you use the shampoo, which contains more oil content, then your hair will get an extra oily texture, which even affects the glow of your face.

So avoid those oily shampoos and take an extra care to get your hair looks silky.