Why should chefs wear uniforms?

No one in the world says no to the tasty foods, because entire people love to be a foodie. However, the common majority of people would have some funny questions, like why do chefs wear uniforms? Should it necessary for cooking? This may sound funny for them but it matters a lot.

Similar to other jobs like engineer, doctors, and police even chef also comes in professional work. Thus, why all over the world chefs wear uniforms with pride. If you search on to the history of the chef’s uniform, it makes you wonder. The distinctive uniform that chefs wear is developed in 1800 to represent their professionalism, status, quality, and cleanliness of the work. Moreover, the chef’s uniform is one, which is followed from early times; it shows its profession is older and high than any other profession in the world.

How do chefs uniforms help in their work

However, the chef’s uniform does have a specialty in their work, where each parts of the chef uniform helps out chefs in their work. Need to know how and what is special in chef’s uniforms? Then check out to the below-mentioned facts, which make you clear all your doubts.

chefs hat

Chef’s hat or cap – One cannot miss the chef’s hat when thinking about them, its original name is “la toque Blanche”. This may resemble funny but it prevents the sweating and hair fall in the food during food preparation. It also keeps the chef’s head cool and the height of the hat indicates the ranking of the chef.

Jacket – The jackets are long-sleeved and double-breasted with two-layered fabric, which in turn protects the chef from burns.

Buttons – It is designed with thread covers that make them strong and protect melting from the heat and breaking into food.

Apron – It is tied from waist to knee to protect from stains and burns, it also makes it easy for the chef to wear and remove while meeting guests in the dining room.

Pants – Chef wears baggy pants that come with an elastic waist that offers protection and fast removal. Besides, bagginess makes it hard for hot liquid or flame to reach the skin.

Shoes – Chefs always prefer to wear sensible shoes, which is a comfort to wear and offer non-slipping steps even on a wet surface.

In addition to all this, the entire uniform is made of light fabric that absorbs sweat either it may be cotton or poly fabric. Thus how chef’s uniforms are designed so hereafter see those uniforms with respect.