Why do chefs wear black gloves?

Being a chef is a good profession, where they try to make many food items and make sure it comes out with excellent taste. Whatever may the work whenever people see chefs they often think about their costumes. Beyond the chef’s uniform people would check for chefs gloves it is mainly because people do think that chef wearing gloves is clean.

However, in some countries, it is a regulated law where chefs should wear gloves in and out kitchen and while preparing food. To simple chefs are not allowed to touch the foods with bare hands until it is served in the table. If you check on to the chef’s gloves, it is available in different colors like blue, black, white, and transparent. Among all blue and black gloves are preferred a lot based on the work for example if you check on to the barbeque the chefs wear black gloves, which produce great grip.

What makes it different from non-gloved hands to gloved hands?

gloved handsMany would think that it doesn’t make much difference from non gloved to gloved hands but in reality, wearing gloves makes people avoid frequent hand wash which is an essential one inside the kitchen. Washing hands is the best way to prevent the spread of problematic germs inside the kitchen and in food. Beyond washing hands while wearing gloves there are chances of cross-contaminated activities due to non-changing gloves.

Moreover, if the gloves are thin one it can be easily punctured so it is better to go with leather black gloves, which are made of nitrile and hypoallergic. That is why wearing black gloves while cooking it provides the chef comfortable to use all tools without letting it slip or down. Moreover, the black gloves are strong enough so they are not punctured or damaged easily whether it may be raw chicken cutting or hard vegetable cutting it gives grip. As they are hypoallergenic, they best suitable for even sensitive hands and keep them safe.