How should to dress workers in restaurant kitchen?

If you started your carrier as a chef at a restaurant, then you should choose the right uniform because you will be working in a hot and a busy kitchen. Moreover, your clothes will be stained by the food spills and splashes regularly. So, this is the reason why you should be more aware of the dress you wear when you work as a chef in a restaurant.

Creating the best dress code for the chef

The workers in restaurant kitchen should dress up in the following way given below to maintain the food more healthy and hygienic.

Fingernails should be clean unless the employees are wearing the intact gloves. Nails should be trimmed, filed and maintained so that the edges of the nails will not be rough and most importantly artificial nails are not allowed.

It is better to use the disposable gloves, as they will remove on a regular basis. The employees who work in the kitchen should wash their hand regularly before wearing the gloves.

chef at a restaurant

The one who works as a chef in the kitchen should compulsorily wear the hair restraints, which cover even the body hairs.

Employees should wear clean clothes with neat aprons. The dirty chef coats and the aprons should be kept aside the working area.

The restaurant kitchen employee dress code should compulsorily consist of chef jacket, which may be white or black in colour. Next you should wear the kitchen hats or hair nets to avoid the hairs falling over the food they prepare in order to maintain a hygienic restaurant. A handkerchief is not mostly necessary in the kitchen but it is better to keep it in your pocket for your emergency to wipe out your sweat but you should make sure that you are washing it regularly.

You should also be aware of the shoes that you wear because there is a high potential risk of slips and trips on the floor during your busy schedule especially when you are carrying hot pans or the sharp knives. So, slip resistant chef shoes are preferred to reduce the chances of falling over the floor. So when you are working as a chef, these are the main things you should follow in your dress code which is safe for both your health and also for serving the customers with the hygienic foods.