Why should the chef hide his hair under a hat?

Wearing uniform has become more common for all the work places including healthcare, retail and also in the manufacturing environments. Even these above mentioned sectors does not follow the uniforms strictly, it is must to follow for the chefs who are working at restaurant and hotels in order to maintain the place so hygienic.

Chefs wearing uniform is safe for both the customers and to themselves. Under the food hygiene law and the food safety act 1990, the workers who works with the food has to ensure safety for the food they serve to the customers. Wearing the appropriate uniform is always one step high as it ensures the food safety. The three important things a chef should wear is the jacket, an apron and the hat.

Importance of wearing hat while cooking

wearing hatHat is a most important thing a chef should wear when he is inside the kitchen. Because, the chef should hide his hair inside a hat in-order to prevent hair fall in the food and makes it unhygienic. Kitchen hat is known as toque blanche and it became a symbol of indicating the status of the chef inside the kitchen. Based on the length of the chef’s hat, his seniority is figured out and the pleats on the hat represent the number of recipes he has mastered with.

The cooks and chef cover hair because while preparing food, their hair may fall on the food, which will make a bad impression to the customers and make them feel like the good is unhygienic. Also the requirements of the head wear differ based on the restaurants and the toque signifies the quality of the restaurant. All the high end fine dining prefers toque and other small restaurants and hotels prefer the normal kitchen hat for their chefs.